Southern India touch- Sambhar, Dosa and Peanut Chutney

This blog started in 2014…an in midst of all chaos in my life and the demanding job.. I was not able to publish the thoughts I always wanted to. But this year 2020, thought to give a shot again and be consistent.

Working from home bought multi benefit in my personal lifestyle. We all started eating quite a healthy food with various meals in between to keep the energy level soaring. Although weekends are still cheat days.

So made the batter for dosa ..generally in ratio of 1:3 (1 cup white urad daal and 3 cups of regular rice), soaked for good 8-9 hours and grinded later.

Peanut chutney made with roasted peanut , garlic, green chilies and salt. Coarsely grinded with water. After tempered with little oil with Rai or mustard seeds, curry leaves and red dried chilly.

For sambhar I think I need to write a dedicated post. Whistled the toor(Tur/arhar) dal with veggies of you choice I prefer drumsticks, bottle gourd, carrots. Once cooked in pressure cook. Temper it with onion, tomato, green chilly, sambhar masala, curry leaves, salt , haldi , red chilly powder and tamarind paste.

Mix in daal and let it simmer for good 25 minutes so that all the flavor seeps in. Have it warm. Accompany it with Dosa, rice or idly.



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