Momos and Spicy dip

We are stuck in our houses for over a month now and my son was craving for street style momos or dumplings.

I explored some recipes over the internet and read in a cook book too…spoke to few of my northeastern friends in India and to my surprise got my foolproof recipe of Momos or steamed dumplings.

Chicken dumplings or Momos

We don’t need much ingredients for this recipe at all:

I made the sauce a day before with balanced tomatoes, blanched red chilies a, grounded these both with handful of garlic. The main flavor of sauce is from garlic so be generous in using garlic. Once roughly grinded, it need to tossed in little oil, add some soya sauce, salt and chilly flakes if you have.

Now coming to Momos or steamed dumplings:

All purpose flour a cup, salt and oil. Mix it and then make a dough of flour with lukewarm water. Set it aside for 15-20 mins.

Chicken filling :

250 grams minced chicken or if measuring through cup , use a cup for this. Salt, black pepper, little oil , ginger garlic paste, little soy sauce, coriander finely chopped and onion finely chopped. Mix this all and set it aside for 20 mins.

Now we have to take small balls of dough and rolled it like thin round rotis and stuff with the chicken filling and press the edges to seal any opening. Please refer YouTube’s for the shapes I mean the authentic shapes if you want otherwise normal shapes will be perfectly ok.

And now put a steamer on. Place few filled dumplings on greased strainer or streamer plate over boiling water and steam for 15mins.

Once little cools serve with spicy sauce. Done!!