The Fruit cake

Christmas is around the corner and this festive season brings lots of goodies and delicious bakes. I tried my hands on fruit cake, cookies and the choco walnut loaf.

This time we are travelling to delhi to meet few thought this must be a good way to express gratitude. Kids will be excited for Christmas bakes.


1. All purpose flour-2 cups( or 1 cup oats flour, 1 cup wheat flour)

2. Eggs -3 nos.

3. vanilla extract-1 tsp 

4. Sugar-1.5 cup (1 cup- 250gms)

5. salt-.5tsp

6. Baking powder- 1 tsp

7. Butter- 100 grams


1. Sieve flour, salt and baking powder together.

2. Mix butter and sugar in another bowl.

3. Beat eggs one by one in the butter sugar mix.

4. Add vanilla extract.

5. Add flour in egg mixture in batches.

6. Preheat oven at 180 degree Celsius.

7. Add batter in prepared pan( greased pan)

8. Bake for 55 minutes at 180 degree Celsius.

9. Check with toothpick if it comes out clean.

10. Let cake cool off and enjoy it with friends and family.