Tangy Green Chilli Pickle

Whenever I eat any pickle, the first and foremost thing which comes in my mind is how tough will be to make a pickle. It comprise of lot of spices and technique. Once I was discussing same with m mom and she taught me how to make chilli pickle in easy way. It is a very easy and  tangy  chilli pickle. Last year November when I was at my mom’s place she served the same chilli pickle with meal. It was super yum. I was drooling over it and with three days of stay there I almost had that pickle with my each meal almost . Now I was back to Mumbai, I started craving for chilli pickle.

So called up Mom and got the recipe. Wanted to share with my readers and blogger friends.
100gm Green Hot Chillies
5-6 medium size lemon
salt 2 tsp

Wash and clean the water droplets from Chillies with a cloth.
Slit the Chillies lengthwise, make sure chillies are attached at the end. If they are big in size, you may cut them in between.
Squeeze the lemon juice in a bowl and strain it and pour the juice in a plastic or glass jar and add salt to it.
Now place all chillies in that lemon salt mix. That’s it!!

You need to put this closed jar in sunlight for atleast for 4 days.
You will notice the chillies have changed their color from green to pale green. This show they are ready to eat.
Can be served with stuffed roti and parathas.

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